Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday party!

December Holiday Party: Thursday 12/18

It's time for our annual holiday party! This year we'll be in Hayes Valley on our usual third Thursday, the 18th. Celebrate the season with good cheer and the company of your favorite political enthusiasts. Bring your friends, bring your partner, bring a can for the Food Bank.

When: Thursday December 18, 6pm until exhaustion
Where: Noir Lounge, 581 Hayes St. at Laguna

  • 21-Hayes (Laguna St.)
  • 5-Fulton (Laguna St., <5 mins)
  • 47/49 Van Ness lines (Grove St., <10 mins)
  • F/J/K/L/M/N Market Street lines (Van Ness station, 10 mins)
  • Performing Arts Garage, 360 Grove St. at Gough (5 mins)
  • Street parking in this neighborhood is unpleasant.

The club has reserved the large communal table in the back from 6-8pm. Many of us will stay longer, of course.

We continue our tradition of support for the San Francisco Food Bank. Please join us in bringing a can, or a check for the Food Bank, to the party.

Renew for 2015!

Be sure your voice is heard within the club and throughout the city. This fall, San Francisco elects the citywide offices of Mayor, City Attorney, District Attorney, Sheriff and Treasurer. Ballot measures are likely as well.

Regular dues are still $35, discounted to $15 for students and seniors.

Bring your check to the holiday party, send it to us at 621 LaSalle Ave., San Francisco, 94124, or pay regular dues by credit card using the PayPal button in the sidebar at right.

We'll also accept cash at the holiday party.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Endorsements for November 2014 general election

Upon vote of the membership at its September 18 endorsement meeting, the City Democratic Club announces its endorsements for the November 2014 general election.

State/Federal Offices

Nancy Pelosi for U.S. House of Representatives, District 12.
Jackie Speier for U.S. House of Representatives, District 14.
David Chiu for State Assembly, District 17.
Phil Ting for State Assembly, District 19.

Daniel Flores for Superior Court, Office 20.

Jerry Brown for Governor.
Gavin Newsom for Lieutenant Governor.
Betty Yee for Controller.
Alex Padilla for Secretary of State.
John Chiang for Treasurer.
Kamala Harris for Attorney General.
Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner.
Fiona Ma for Board of Equalization, District 2.
Tom Torlakson for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Board of Supervisors

Mark Farrell, D2; Katy Tang, D4; Jane Kim, D6; Scott Wiener, D8; Malia Cohen, D10.

Board of Education

Trevor McNeil, Emily Murase, Shamann Walton.

Community College Board

Four-year terms: Thea Selby, Rodrigo Santos, Anita Grier.
Two-year term: Amy Bacharach.

At-Large Offices

Carmen Chu for Assessor/Recorder.
Jeff Adachi for Public Defender.
Nicholas Josefowitz for BART Board of Directors, D8.

Local Measures

Yes on Prop A, water bonds
Yes on Prop B, population-based indexing of Muni funding
Yes on Prop C, Children's Fund et al
Yes on Prop D, retiree benefits, former Redevelopment Agency employees
Yes on Prop E, soda tax
Yes on Prop F, Pier 70 development
No on Prop G, property transfer surtax
No on Prop H, prohibition on artificial turf
Yes on Prop I, permission of artificial turf
Yes on Prop J, minimum wage increase
No on Prop L, transportation priorities policy statement

The club has no endorsement on Prop K.

State Measures

Yes on Prop 1, water bonds
Yes on Prop 2, rainy-day fund
Yes on Prop 45, health insurance rate regulation
Yes on Prop 47, misdemeanor offense classification

The club has no endorsements on Prop 46 or Prop 48.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July garden party for David Chiu (photos!)

On a sunny Saturday in July, members of the City Democratic Club's executive board hosted a garden party and fundraiser for Supervisor David Chiu, whom the club has endorsed in the AD17 race. We had plenty of food, a wide variety of wine, and of course the guest of honor.

Below, photos from the party. Much fun was had by the club and its friends.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An evening with Supervisor Jane Kim

By Erik Cummins
First Vice President

Facing a capacity crowd of City Democratic Club members at the Chancellor Hotel in April, Jane Kim, the city’s Sixth District Supervisor, focused on four broad legislative agendas.

For starters, the district, which encompasses the Tenderloin, South of Market, Rincon Hill, Treasure Island, Middle Market, South Beach and Mission Bay, is experiencing rapid change. As evidence, she noted the new construction in areas like Mid-Market and Mission Bay.  Eighty percent of the recent development has occurred in 20 percent of the city, with the majority happening in her district. As a member of the board’s Land Use Committee, “I get to help shape some of our most emerging and newest neighborhoods,” Kim said.

At the same time the economy is propelling growth, District Six is still grappling with one of its enduring problems: the lack of neighborhood parks. In fact, the district has the fewest and smallest parks, with just 0.6 acres per resident. With a dearth of open space to develop, “We’ve had to be creative,” Kim said. That means rehabilitating existing parks, working with real estate brokers to acquire new land and considering unusual locations, such as the area beneath the Octavia Boulevard freeway off-ramp which is slated for a skateboard and dog park. Transbay Park, which will be above the now-under-construction Transbay Terminal, is another example.

Kim’s third priority is pedestrian safety. “More people get hit by cars in the district than in any other,” she said. Working with the Vision Zero project, the goal is to achieve zero fatalities in the next 10 years.

Finally, the former youth organizer said that the city is increasingly tasked with filling the state’s vast public education gap, at least locally, as California ranks 49th in the U.S. in per-pupil spending. To that goal, Kim is supporting a ballot initiative statement that would encourage the city to set aside a portion of its general funds to support schools.

Homelessness remains a major issue in District Six, so Kim recently spent a night in a neighborhood shelter to better understand the problem. “I didn’t anticipate the immense boredom,” she said. “There were no classes, no programming, no counselors.” The homeless population, she said, was also older than she expected: the vast majority were between 40 and 55 years old. Saying that shelters “should act as medical centers,” Kim recently helped arrange for two full-time nurses and an on-site yoga instructor.

Answering a question about lingering concerns over radioactive materials in Treasure Island, Kim said that she has been told that the island has no more contaminants than any other areas of the city. But given the concerns, Kim said the city is working with residents who want to relocate.

In her answer to a query about the Warriors’ recent purchase of a Salesforce property in Mission Bay for a planned stadium, Kim said the team was one of the few professional clubs “to purchase their own dirt” and that the new location – as opposed to prior plans for Pier 30-32 – should be “simpler and more straightforward” to execute.

Affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues facing the city, Kim acknowledged. Setting a 30 percent baseline for affordable housing units in future construction projects is one option and has been “sparking a wonderful debate.” Another option is for the city to purchase existing affordable housing so that “they don’t fall into the Ellis Act.”


Friday, April 25, 2014

City Democratic Club endorsements for June 2014 primary

Upon vote of the membership, the City Democratic Club announces its endorsements for the June 2014 primary election.


Nancy Pelosi for U.S. House of Representatives, District 12. (19 in favor, no opposition)
Jackie Speier for U.S. House of Representatives, District 14. (19 in favor, no opposition)

Fiona Ma for Board of Equalization, District 2. (18 in favor, no opposition)
David Chiu for State Assembly, District 17. (17 in favor; David Campos, 1)
Phil Ting for State Assembly, District 19. (19 in favor, no opposition)
Daniel Flores for Superior Court, Office 20. (13 in favor; Carol Kingsley, 6)

Jerry Brown for Governor. (18 in favor, no opposition)
Gavin Newsom for Lieutenant Governor. (16 in favor; no endorsement, 2)
Betty Yee for Controller. (16 in favor; John Perez, 1)
Alex Padilla for Secretary of State. (14 in favor; Derek Cressman, 3)
John Chiang for Treasurer. (17 in favor, no opposition)
Kamala Harris for Attorney General. (18 in favor, no opposition)
Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner. (17 in favor, no opposition)
Tom Torlakson for Superintendent of Public Instruction. (18 in favor, no opposition)


Yes on Proposition A (16 yes, 2 no)
No on Proposition B (2 yes, 17 no)

Yes on Proposition 41 (18 yes, 1 no)
No on Proposition 42 (6 yes, 13 no)

2014 Executive Board

The 2014 Executive Board composition was ratified by the membership as follows:

President - Michael Ho
First Vice President - Erik Cummins
Second Vice President - Heidi Machen
Recording Secretary - Jim Reilly
Corresponding Secretary - Clay Harrell
Treasurer - Steve la Plante
Members at large - Kat Anderson, Michael Breyer, Michelle Parker

The club extends a special welcome to new board members Kat Anderson and Michelle Parker.

Future meetings

There will be no general meeting in May. Details of upcoming meetings will be announced as they become available.


To be eligible to vote in the November endorsement cycle, new members must join and pay dues at least 28 days before the endorsement meeting. While the fall schedule has not been set, the endorsement meeting could come as early as August 21, which would mean a July 24 cutoff.

To join by credit card or check, see the "Membership" section in the sidebar at right.