September floodplains

Like everyone across the nation, our club is watching with horror as the waters recede to reveal ruin across Texas and Louisiana. In Houston alone, about 40,000 people were in shelters on the storm’s busiest night – and that’s about how many homes Hurricane Harvey will have destroyed, according to Red Cross estimates.

We’re adding a fundraiser to our September meeting. Give to Texas, get a club renewal. But Texas is big, and the numbers are staggering. If you were to take The Donald’s supposed $1 million and scatter it from Air Force One, it would have turned to pennies by the time it hit the ground.

President Kat Anderson has a close personal friend nearby. He and his neighborhood are fine. But their eyes and hearts are looking west to Katy, a small town west of Houston. He asked that we help The Fellowship, a local church, as they help neighbors in a town that looks too often like this.

We’re running a promotion at our September meeting to help our Lone Star brethren. On 9/28, bring a check made out to The Fellowship, or make a donation online at and bring the confirmation to the meeting.

Your donation in the amount of your normal club dues – or more! – serves as your 2018 renewal. For those of us bringing checks, the club will bundle them up and send them along. The Fellowship is an accredited 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

And remember, 2018 will be a very big election year. You don’t want to miss out on our endorsements and events.

Give to Katy. Get from the club. It’s the least we can do.

original meeting announcement

Endorsements: June 2016 primary election

City Democratic Club endorsements: June 2016 primary election

About 40 voting members participated in our endorsement meeting last Thursday evening on March 31. Lots of energized members and friends in the room, with speeches advocating candidates for offices ranging from POTUS to DCCC.

The ballots have been counted, and the City Democratic Club announces its endorsements for the June 2016 primary election. Congratulations to all:


President: Hillary Clinton

US Senate: Kamala Harris

US House of Representatives: D12- Nancy Pelosi, D14- Jackie Speier


CA Senate D11: Scott Wiener

CA Prop 50: Yes


Superior Court Judge: No Endorsement

Club bylaws require a 60% majority to endorse. No candidate reached this threshold.


Joshua Arce, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Zoe Dunning, Shaun Haines, Tom Hsieh, Gary McCoy, Leah Pimental, Rebecca Prozan, Alix Rosenthal, Arlo Smith, Frances Tsang, Scott Wiener, Jill Wynns


Kat Anderson, Keith Baraka, Joel Engardio, Mark Farrell, Tom A. Hsieh, Mary Jung, Trevor McNeil, Emily Murase, Rachel Norton, Marjan Philhour


Prop AA: Yes


Prop A: Yes
Prop B: Yes
Prop C: Yes
Prop D: Yes
Prop E: Yes

Other business

We also voted on club officers and are pleased to welcome Kat Anderson as our newly elected club president! Congratulations as well to all winning officers.

Kat Anderson, president
Michael Ho, 1st vice-president
(open seat), 2nd vice-president
Steve la Plante, treasurer
Michelle Parker, recording secretary
Clay Harrell, corresponding secretary
Michael Breyer, member-at-large
Heidi Machen, member-at-large

As we welcome officers for 2016, we also say goodbye to outgoing president, Mike Ho, and outgoing 2nd vice-president, Jim Reilly. Thank you both for your years of outstanding leadership and service to the club.

Thank you! Next: March endorsements

Thank you to all of our partners, and especially our own Jim Reilly, for making Speed Dating with the DCCC such a success. These are just the people pushing on the velvet rope at 8:00; more interested folks continued to file in as the night wore on.


Our Partners

We are pleased to have welcomed these partners as co-sponsors for the event. Their participation was key to the event’s huge success.

We encourage our members to get to know our partners better using the links above.

Club will issue endorsements at its March 31 meeting

The City Democratic Club’s next meeting will be Thursday, March 31, at which time the full membership will issue its endorsements for the June primaries. Our Issues and Endorsements committee will issue and publish recommendations at least one week in advance of this.

Executive Board election

In addition, we will nominate and ratify the composition of the 2016 Executive Board. The sitting board will move the following slate: President, Kat Anderson; First Vice President, Michael Ho; Second Vice President, Jim Reilly; Treasurer, Steve la Plante; Recording Secretary, Michelle Parker; Corresponding Secretary, Clay Harrell; and members-at-large Michael Breyer and Heidi Machen.

Members are invited to submit additional nominations, specifying a name and office. For a nomination to be valid:

  • It must have a second. The nominating member, the seconding member, and the nominee all must be Members in Good Standing subject to the 28-day waiting period.
  • The nomination can be sent to The second can be in the form of a letter or email from the other member; in either case, the second must identify the nominating member, the nominee, and the office.
  • The nomination also can be made in writing in a letter addressed to the club address at right. The second can be a separate letter or can be a counter-signature on the same letter. If a separate letter, it must identify the nominating member, the nominee, and the office.
Eligibility to Nominate, Vote or Endorse

You must meet at least one of the following criteria to conduct club business, whether that be nomination or voting:

  • You must have been a dues-paid Member in Good Standing on March 3, four weeks before the endorsement session.
  • If you have been a Member in Good Standing in 2014 or 2015, this waiting period does not apply. You may renew any time up to and including the endorsement meeting.
Membership methods
  • By credit card: Using the yellow PayPal button in the right-hand sidebar or in any of our email newsletters. Confirmation is instant, and if you’re a recent member, you can renew by credit card at the meeting and become vote-eligible.
  • By check: Made out to City Democratic Club and sent to the address in the sidebar. Due to mailing and handling time, this can take a few days to process. If you’re chose to the deadline, please use PayPal.
  • In cash: Only in person at the meeting, handed directly to a sitting officer.

Confirmation of time and location will be provided as the 3/31 date approaches. The calendar at right reflects the current known information and will be updated if anything changes.